1329 Columbus Ave Suite B
San Francisco, California 94133

ROCK N ROLL!!!!! Come hang out with your Urban Diversion friends for a night of ultimate madness as we scour the streets of San Francisco in search of...well, who knows what we will be searching for you. You have to sign up to find out!!

Each team will be named after a Rock and Roll legend, clues and tasks will relate to that era. Along the way you are likely to run into other teams in their limos who will all be trying to get the same items. So how will you win? With creativity and originality of course!

Also as a hint it would probably help if you studied up on the Rock and Roll era to help you along the way!

After the scavenger hunt we will meet back at the Urban Diversion Clubhouse to determine winners and party the night away. For those of you who wish to have a few cocktails at the clubhouse before and after the event and in your Limo, please BYOB. We will have the Limo stocked with basics only (Beer, champagne and such)!

This Scavenger Hunt EACH LIMO WILL HAVE AN EC HOST! - Yes, we have gotten volunteers to guide each limo and take the pictures, encourage your creativity and make sure you don't get lost in a graveyard or something.

CHOOSE: When you register please indicate your philosophy so that we can best match up the team mates:

A - "Our team is definitely going to win the grand prize!"
B - "We may not win but we are going to have a fun time trying!"
C - "We are going for the Wild and Risque bonus points all the way!"


Price Includes

* 3 luxurious hours in the limousine!
* A well organized hunt across the city with an EC in each limo!
* Snacks at the clubhouse!
* Stocked bar in Limo!
* Game book!
* Prizes for the best team!

Attire: This is a Rock and Roll Theme so pull out your wigs, flares and anything else you can find to help get into character!!

$60 to $99.

Official Website: http://www.urbandiversion.com/Details.jsp?month=01#2812

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