72 Cascade Drive, Building 1, 2nd Floor
Rochester, New York 14614

So much has happened in the Ruby world since we last met!

* Recurring meeting time; does 3rd Thursday of the month @ 8PM work for people?

* The big news on Rails 3 integrating Merb - Thoughts/Opinions?

* Any cool stuff out of RubyConf? Several people from Rochester attended.

* Presentations - Ben Hughes may present his message_block plugin, which makes dealing with flash messages and AR validation errors easier.

* Buffalo Ruby Users: anybody interested in going to the meetings and carpooling?

* Other cool stuff going on in the Ruby & Rails world.

* Whatever anyone else brings to the table!

Venue note: When entering the building just walk up the stairs to the second floor and right in front you will be a green door that has "Coworking Rochester" on it.

Other questions? Check out our Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/rochesterrb

Added by nathos on January 15, 2009