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(Gonzalo Arijon, France 2008, 126 min., Spanish/subtitles, Digital Projection)

In 1972, a plane carrying a Uruguayan rugby team to a game in Chile crashed in a remote part of the Andes. Stranded recreates the extraordinary experience of the young men who survived the initial crash, followed by two months of cold, hunger, and despair. Now decades later, the men who found their way out of this frozen hell tell their own story in a film that eschews both sensationalism and sentimentality. These events were the subject of a worldwide bestseller as well as two feature films, but Stranded is the definitive, haunting version of this profoundly moving drama.

Official Website: http://dryden.eastmanhouse.org/films/stranded-ive-come-from-a-plane-that-crashed-on-the-mountains/

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