354 Fifth Street
San Francisco, California

from Simone:
I am sending this along on behalf of the foolhardy, overachieving people
who seek to bring YOU the very best in cocktail robots. Forward to
whomever would be into this, which is, of course, everyone.

Yes, yes, we know there are approximately fifty bajillion excellent
things to do come Saturday Night, May 10th.

We know you can party in undisclosed Victorian locations on the delta,
you can shake your whatever at any number of whatever-shaking musical
establishments, you can drink with writers, you can even crochet
counterfeited luxury items for a laugh, but what POSSIBLE excuse could
you have to miss the once-a-year chance to combine two of everybody's
favorite thing into one intense evening of robotic-beverage-enhanced
lounge-style mechanical deliciousness?

Two words my friends, one being cocktails, and the other being robots.
That's right, Cocktail Robotics.
Saturday May 10th, 2008
354 Fifth Street
San Francisco
$5-10 sliding scale

415 307 3482 for more info, if you must.

Join those wacky Austrians from Shifz (http://www.shifz.org) and
monochrom (http://www.monochrom.at/english/2008/05/roboexotica-usa.htm),
and the misguided, overworked naifs that bring you RoboGames
(http://www.robogames.net) for Roboexotic-US: the US version of the
international festival for cocktail robotics (http://roboexotica.org).

See the latest in robotic cocktail interaction and man machine
interface, and get good and hammered besides.

Marvel at El EspaƱol Borracho, the flaming kahlua-propelled Spanish
coffee maker with the jolly, candy-like button, just waiting for your
pushin' finger!
Make friends and influence people through the martini-making
capabilities of Chapek the Obnoxious Robot Bartender (Chapek has been
given the U.S. State Department in Vienna Seal of Approval! No really!)

Be shocked that anyone could do *that* sort of thing with legos as you
stare as the plastic brick luminosity of Anthony Fudd!

Chassis the Beer Bot will be one hand to ply you with a delicious hoppy,
malty brew, just hold your cup up and ask him nice!

CTP's Blood Alcohol Genie will tell you how drunk you are, and dispense
advice accordingly.

All this and lots lots more, including the Steampunktastic Boiler Bar,
specially electrocuting cocktails for your imbibing pleasure!

More fun than a trip to Radio Shack, more compelling that wandering the
aisles at Home Depot, better than a day spent watching your pet snails,

Everybody come on down. Logical rules apply. Be Nice Or Leave.

Official Website: http://roboexotica.org

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