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Robert Schneider is a senior consultant at WiseClouds. He'll come from California to teach his 2 day Service Testing with SoapUI course.

You will learn how to construct robust functional, scalability, and reliability tests for your Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web services, and REST-based services. With more than 120 hands-on exercises, this is the most comprehensive class available for soapUI, and will teach you how to use this powerful tool without requiring you to be a test coding expert.

You will begin by examining the underlying standards and technologies used by soapUI, such as XML, WSDL, SOAP, XPath, and REST. You will then explore the entire soapUI product, with the goal of quickly becoming familiar with its user interface and test structure. You will discover how to catalog Web and REST-based services, followed by issuing requests to these service providers. Next you will learn how to create and monitor test assertions and set up mock services. You'll understand how to create a wide variety of performance and scalability tests, as well as determine test coverage. Finally, since the Groovy programming language adds a tremendous amount of flexibility to the soapUI product, you'll see how to incorporate this powerful language into your tests.


* Navigate through the soapUI product
* Discover, catalog, and interact with Web and REST services
* Work with service requests
* Create Test Suites, Test Cases, and Test Steps
* Apply and monitor assertions
* Create and customize mock services
* Monitor your SOAP and TCP traffic
* Write scripts in the Groovy programming language

soapUI Fundamentals

* Foundational technologies
o XML Namespaces
o XPath
o XQuery
* Navigating the soapUI user interface
* Examining Interface, Operation, and Request Views

Creating and maintaining soapUI tests

* Test Suites
* Test Cases
* Test Steps
* Assertions
o Creating assertions from results
o Tying multiple assertions together
* Mock Services
* Monitoring network traffic
* Load testing
o Functional
o Behavioral
o Performance
o Requirements-driven

Advanced concepts

* Test coverage
* Refactoring
o Messages
o Operations
* The Groovy programming language
o Flow control
o The soapUI object model
o Dynamic test management
o Expanding soapUI with Groovy
* Working with headers
o WS-Addressing
o WS-Security

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Official Website: http://skillsmatter.com/course/agile-testing/introduction-to-service-testing-with-soapui2/zx-1145

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