1661 Napier St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Join us for an evening of celebration, for one of the worlds most missed subgenius philosophers, Robert Anton Wilson! (RIP)

Britannia Community Center (learning resource room under the library)
1661 Napier St.
Sunday Feb. 18th - 4-6pm, admission by Donation.

We will show a film ( Maybe Logic) and clips of Wilson's Life & Times via HD digital Projector.

We will also have books, cd's and dvd's available to purchase at either a discount, or full price(profits going to Amnesty International). This is courtesy of Banyen Books In Kits!

Everyone will be made a pope, and pope cards for all!

We'll probably throw in some time for everyone to have a chance to talk about how they got into RAW's works and what he meant to them.

After, there will be flying lasagna and drinks at (Nick's Spaghetti House)
And possibly operation mind fuck on the way over or after?

How do you get involved?

If you don't know who Wilson was, go here: http://www.rawilsonfans.com/

Here is an obituary from the Guardian (UK)

If you want to help, Go here

Official Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/raw_vancouver/

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