32 Avenue of the Americas
New York City, New York

New York is Here! is a site-specific performance that honors the mythology of our great metropolis. Part funhouse, historical narrative and part performance art, New York is Here! goes inside the city’s mass texts by monumental New York writers and referenced sagas. Tales of the Chinese food delivery man stuck in an elevator, of McGurk’s Suicide Hall, of the flu epidemic of October 1918, of the hooks and scales of the Fulton Fish Market, of number-running lotteries, love, baseball, politics and more are fused together as vignettes to explore New York lore.
RSVP recommended. www.RiverToRiverNYC.com

Official Website: http://www.RiverToRiverNYC.com

Added by Camille Wanliss on June 14, 2006