3790 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90005

Tickets go on sale April 2nd.

Added by boogah on March 31, 2005



Still not on the Ticketmaster site. Are we sure this is happening (other than the LAist post)?


Actually - I did some checking. Rilo Kiley is playing June 19, but NOT The Postal Service. Tickets do not go on sale tomorrow that I know of. Check www.ambitious-outsiders.com.


Are we positive about no Postal Service? Hrmph. I'm sort of torn now.


Well, I'm not positive, but considering that the site says it's not for real, and the fact that Ticketmaster doesn't have anything on it, I am pretty sure.

Plus - would The Postal Service really open for Rilo Kiley?


The Rilo Kiley site now lists the show, with Feist as the opening act.