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Rigoletto is the Duke's jester. The Duke is a womanizer who has little regard for the sanctity of marriage. Rigoletto constantly pokes fun at the Duke and the men whose women fall for the suave Duke. However, Rigoletto pushes his comedy too far and finds himself cursed by the husband of the Duke's most recent lover. Rigoletto rushes home to his daughter Gilda, his most prized possession. Unbeknownst to Rigoletto, the Duke (who is in disguise) has been wooing Gilda. The Duke and his friends trick Rigoletto, and they kidnap Gilda. Rigoletto demands his daughter back and discovers that it is the Duke who has shamed her. Rigoletto vows revenge on the Duke and hires a hit man. Gilda discovers what is going on and hears the hit man say he will spare the Duke and kill the next man he sees. Gilda disguises herself as a man and is killed by the hit man. Rigoletto takes the body of what he believes is the Duke and before he can discard it, he realizes it is the body of his beloved daughter, who dies in his arms.

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