1007 market street (nr 6th)
san francisco, California 94103

May 11 – June 16, 2007

Opening: Friday, May 11, 6-8pm

Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 12-5pm and by appointment

In this solo exhibition, Rigo 23 presents large-scale mixed media drawings with text on canvas with accompanying hand made zines. Rigo’s graphic imagery borrows stylistically from signage, advertising, popular cartoons, and newsprint photography.

The drawings portray activists and events that have influenced and shaped local Bay Area, national and global politics, and have all but been forgotten in the Bay Area.

San Francisco has always been regarded as a “safe haven” for social experimentation; as a place where differences enriched rather than divided the socio-political landscape. San Francisco was a sanctuary town, which welcomed individuals fleeing from war and hunger; people moving towards freedom of expression -- sexually, politically, socially, artistically and spiritually; and as Rigo says, who “…at least walked towards a better and more humane collective future.”

Backtracking 199485 pays tribute to, honors and thanks those who have sought to preserve and extend freedom as the artist shares seminal moments that shaped and influenced his life in the Bay Area during this vital period.

Dr. Huey P. Newton, (1942-1989), co founder of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

Dolores Huerta (b 1930), co founder United Farm Workers of America and co founder with Cesar Chavez of the National Farm Workers Association

AIDS Vigil on UN Plaza at Civic Center, focusing on the connections between homelessness, poverty and HIV.

Keith McHenry, Co-Founder, Food Not Bombs.

Critical Mass, monthly mass bicycle/non-car ride.

Brian Wilson, Vietnam Veteran Against the War who protested US arms shipments to Central America by practicing civil disobedience

Judi Bari (1949-1997) Earth First! Activist

For more info. Contact:
Laurie Lazer: 415. 255-5971
[email protected]

Official Website: http://www.luggagestoregallery.org

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