london, England

This meetup will be from 1pm onwards. We will meet at 1pm but it could go as long as everyone wishes it to.

We will start by meeting at the Richmond tube station . From there we will continue the route past the local river and then onto Richmond Park. Along the way we will take photos of the various rivers, architecture as well as the scenic landscapes in Richmond Park.

To finish off we will almost certainly end in a bar for a drink to discuss/summarise the day!

Plenty of photo opportunities here such as; red & fallow deer, Shire horses, Pen ponds, various trees and greenery, Pembroke lodge & gardens, Isabella plantation + many more, so let your creative juices flow. Lets group together take great photographs and make some friends whilst we're there together.

Useful Websites:

Date: 16/05/10 (Sunday)

Meeting point: Outside Richmond Underground Tube Station.

Time: 1pm onwards

Added by christian carella on May 6, 2010