Church Street
Brighton & Hove, England

Red Run embraces the spirit of its atmospheric score by the German composer Heiner Goebbels. Electric guitar gives a hint of rock, and piano and brass break into passages of all-out jazz – but these episodes shift gear sharply into darker, more shadowy passages.
‘From this edgy soundscape Alston's dance rediscovers the tense, unpredictable energy that marks his greatest work'
- The Guardian 1998

The Devil in the Detail is a light-hearted, light-footed celebration of sheer elegance and wit. Scott Joplin, The King of Ragtime, wrote piano rags of huge appeal, rich in syncopated detail – it’s music to make the dancers strut and stride in high style, yet remain cool and nonchalant.

‘Might make you fall in love’
- The Daily Telegraph 2006

‘Witty, chic... the whole inventive work is a delight'
- The Sunday Times 2006

Including new dances from Richard Alston and Martin Lawrance to complete the programme.

‘Lawrance (a talent to watch) finds a surprisingly passionate pulse...connecting lines of abstract movement into sudden, emotional encounters'
- The Guardian 2006

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