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The Singapore Flex Usergroup is very proud to present Singapore’s very first RIA ( Rich Internet Applications) Event - RIAction! Taking place on the 26th February 2009, RIAction will see speakers from Google, Microsoft, Adobe, together with community leaders, coming together for a day of technological updates, roadmaps and application showcase!

Why RIA ? In the recent years, we have see a proliferation of RIA applications, ranging from Instant Messaging on the Web, to image / video editing. Users now achieve desktop functionality with nothing but just a web browser. Client technologies like Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR , Microsoft Silverlight, and the maturing of Javascript Frameworks like JQuery has enabled end-users to enjoy never before desktop-like features on web applications. Together with the lowering cost of server solutions enabled by Cloud technologies like Google Apps Engine and the access of various web services like Google Maps and Google Contacts, the industry and the end-users are seeing more and more quality and engaging Rich Clients that enable them to purely use the browser to access functionality that was previously ruled by Desktop applications. On the other hand, desktop applications can now access various web service easily, creating a new range of occasionally-connected applications. Many of these has already creeped into our lives. Users using Twhirl, built with Adobe AIR for the access to Twitter, Friendfeed and Seesmic services. Users using Microsoft Silverlight technologies during Olympics period to view live cast. Users using Photoshop Express built on Adobe Flex to edit their photos online. Users finding their ways to their next destination using Google Maps built on Javascript AJAX. The possibilities are endless!

Thus, RIAction, targeted to showcase these different technologies, as well as to provide a single platform for all the vendors to come together to answer all your questions. Whether you are a software developer, a web developer, student, or a business-owner looking for the next creative way to awe your clients, RIAction is for you.

RIAction will be executed with multiple tracks, ranging from in-depth technical presentations to future roadmaps and various effective project planning methods for RIA projects like Agile and Scrum. Attendees will also see current showcase of applications built with these RIA technologies, as well as to meet and network with the community leaders and like-minded peers.

We are very glad to have the support of Microsoft, Adobe and Google for RIAction and with their huge support, RIAction.sg will be available FREE to all participants. So what are you waiting for ? Register for RIAction.sg now!

Official Website: http://riaction.sg

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