49 Cheltenham Place
Brighton, England BN1 4AB

Government isn't very good at computers.
They spend millions to produce mediocre websites, hide away really useful public information and generally get it wrong. Which is a shame.

Calling all people who make things. We're going to show them how it's done. If you can make things, and think you can do better than government.

Website: http://rewiredstate.org/

The main event is being held in London at the Guardian's plush new offices, but seeing as though we've got a great local community of 'people who do' why not save ourselves the train fare and hold our own Brighton event at the (equally plush) Skiff?

The plan is to start the day at 10 am and be ready to present at 7pm. Prizes to be announced (they'll be good).

Space is limited, so please book tickets at EventWax, using the link below (don't worry - it's free!)

Official Website: http://rewiredstate.org/

Added by jenni lloyd on February 2, 2009


jenni lloyd

One week to go there are still a few places left... come join in, meet some people and make some stuff :)


The Manchester event has a confirmed venue, and a sign up page accesible via http://tyoc.co.uk
Hope to see a couple of you there.

jenni lloyd

huzzah! 4ip.org.uk will be providing sarnies to help the hacking on Saturday