Washington Monument
Washington, D.C., Virginia

On October 27th, starting at the Washington Monument, a horde of the pseudo-undead will shamble about the unsuspecting streets of our Nation's Capital, to end up at club Midnight, right in the heart of DC!!

First, to kick off the event, we invite folks to "Thrill The World!" Starting at 6:00PM sharp, people around the planet will be dancing the same routine to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most people to do the same dance, simultaneously & world-wide!

Be a part of history by signing up to dance, (if you want to be counted officially, you need to sign up & learn the official choreography- so it's.. ya know.. official! ;D), or just watch the show and come along when the dancing's done, to take DC by zombie-rrific storm! (To register as part of the Guinness World Record-breaking crew, send an e-mail to [email protected], or visit their official site at www.thrilltheworld.com, where you can register & learn the “Thriller” choreography!! :D)

And at the end of the Lurch? We've got a treat planned! The kind folks at Club Midnight, (held at The Meeting Place in NW DC), have invited us to hold our after party there! They'll have a costume contest w/prizes, Halloween goodies, & TON of great music, amongst a cozy & warm club w/people ya just can't beat. :) Plus they're offering dancers of the TTW event $1 off their already low $5 cover!! So when the Lurch is all wrapped up, come in, sit a spell, enjoy a drink or two, dance or mingle, and maybe win some fantastically spooky treats! :D:D

(And for those of you walking corpses who seek to do something cool w/the Lurch AND your little undead'ns, we're working on stuff for you, too. :) We're trying to find a space to congregate before Midnight opens, that offers your kids and you more family-friendly fun. :) Sa don't worry, we gotcha covered! ;D)

Now, why join the horde, you ask? Well.. every zombie will surely have their own reasons.. but these are likely to be some of the main few:
A: Because breaking world records and going down in history is COOL!!! ^_^
B: Because seeking to consume living human flesh, & sweet, juicy brains is not only undead-fun, but also a basic zombie right! ;)
D: The need to protest for the living-impaired & zombie rights.
And E. To have fun playing w/makeup & costume, be publicly silly while having creepy, campy, HARMLESS fun, & pay homage to one heck of a great horror genre. :) ..Among other things. :):D

For these and whatever other reasons you may have, we cordially invite you to bring your friends, family, (anyone who might get a kick out of impersonating the walking dead), and join us for an evening of gory, ghoulish, horror-inspired fun! With the help of a little makeup, some old or tatter-y clothing, a sense of eerie humor and a dash of creativity, anyone can become a part of the horde! Whether you're into theatrical makeup, costuming, horror flicks, b-movies (cult, comedy or otherwise), all things dark, or just dig zombies, we'd love to have you as a part of the horde. :)

Want to know more? Feel free to e-mail The LurchMistress at [email protected], or check out our official website at dczombielurch.renaessance.com. You can also keep up with Lurch news, updates, info, an' other fun stuff by joining our Yahoo, LiveJournal, or MySpace groups! (groups.yahoo.com/dczombielurch, community.livejournal.com/dczombielurch, & myspace.com/dczombielurch.) For more information on Thrill the World, visit www.thrilltheworld.com. Still need more info? Please feel free to phone 703-577-8357. :) Oh, and there's NO limit to guests you can bring, so ignorre that limit stat below! ^_^ The more the merrier! :D:D

And that's it! Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to seeing you there! :D:D

Official Website: http://dczombielurch.renaessance.com/

Added by renaessance on October 6, 2007