1010 West Southern Avenue,
Mesa, Arizona 85210

#evfn is a weekly social gathering organized via the webbernets -- but it happens in real life! It stands for East Valley Friday Nights and yes, you are invited. Well, if you're going to be in the greater Phoenix area on a Friday night, that is...

We're back this week at what could soon become a regular stop: R.T. O'Sullivan's in Mesa! Per our standing request, they are holding back a very large room right behind the hostess stand for us, with plenty of room to stretch out. So feel free to get big, people. Just like last time!

We seriously had a great time here just a month ago. Everyone said "do it again"... so we did! Great food, large beer selection... you know you wanna come. So do it, already!

Some folks calls it a Tweetup. I calls it an #evfn. Remember the agenda: no agenda. Have fun. Meet people. Party on!

Official Website: http://flickr.com/groups/evfn

Added by evo_terra on May 19, 2009