Oxford Road
Manchester, England M13 9PL

With Ian Cartwright.

This talk should be of interest to developers working with .net in multithreaded environments, and more generally to people interested in developing concurrent applications.

Retlang is a .net based concurrency framework based on asynchronous message passing. The purpose of Retlang is to make the development of concurrent applications easier, in particular removing the need for explicit locking and the consequent worries about deadlocks.

In this talk Ian will explore how to use Retlang to address concurrency problems encountered with windows forms when writing multi-threaded code.

Ian Carwright has over 15 years experience in the software development industry, much of it using Agile techniques, and he is currently a Principal Technical Consultant and Enterprise Architect at Thoughtworks.

Ian has particular expertise in messaging, integration and asynchronous event driven systems.

This event is free, but the venue requires a list of names in advance so, if you'd like to come along, please register here on upcoming, or on the web site.

Official Website: http://manchestergeeknights.wetpaint.com/page/Retlang

Added by Andy Robinson on March 17, 2010