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Dance, visual art and music. This is not a body celebrates physicality through invigorating movement, poetic and bold visual art and driving new music. Projected art absorbs the dancers in colour and line, dynamic music propels them into a stream of motion, surging through the contortions and rush of movement. This exciting blend of dance, image and sound from a company of six dancers and collaborators from across Europe provide a compelling evening of beauty, power and exhilaration.

This is not a body is the second part in the triptych that Eleven Stories for the body, distance to the soul initiated last year. It takes its inspiration, not from text this time, but from visual art, developing surrealist themes through both the creation and the performance. Rene Magritte’s Ceci n’est pas une pipe was used as a starting point and the idea that surrealist painters wanted the public to realise that art can be interpreted through emotion rather than intellect. Choreographer Filip Van Huffel is encouraging audiences to watch the dance in the same way, the artistic meaning is up to the viewer, whatever they see or feel.

This is not a body was a collaborative venture for the artists. Choreographer Filip Van Huffel collaborated with the six dancers, visual artist Brian Hartley and composers Dave Boyd and Axelle Kennes to create an integrated whole.

“Van Huffel’s vocabulary is a fresh and unusual mix of abstract moves, mime and theatricality. He bends his dancers in amazing shapes with an intriguing interplay of limbs, quirky balances and exciting athleticism.”

(Stephanie Ferguson - The Guardian)

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