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It's always a good idea to have a stand-out resume or CV on hand, whether you're a freelancer, run your own business, or are employed. In times like these that's even more true. And most of us who work in "new media" wear multiple hats and have non-traditional career paths. How do BarCamps, personal web projects, and other "2.0" elements fit into a resume? How do you accurately describe what you do to others? Do you put your social networks on your resume? If you've had these questions, most likely so have others. So let's spend some time helping each other out and sharing what's worked for us. We will even have a resume expert on hand to give tips and answer questions: Gloria Bell of Red Stapler Consulting!

Resume Night will be held at IndyHall at 6:30pm Thursday, February 26th. Bring your laptops so you can work on your resume there. And if you don't have a resume, there's no time like the present to make one!

This event is brought to you by Independents Hall, Emurse.com, and Lauren Galanter, who got tired of editing her resume on her couch. And the letters H-A-L-P.

Added by laureng on February 15, 2009