200 Longcao Lu, #100
Shanghai, Shanghai

20 RMB cover charge includes free CD for first 50 audience members

RESO: Reconstruct the Experimental Soundscape of Ourselves is an organization dedicated to encouraging the awareness and creation of experimental and improvised sound art. The brainchild of Mai Mai 卖卖 (Musclesnog, Asthma Writers Union), the first RESO concert will be held at Mecooon on April 12, 2008, featuring local and international sound manipulators.

About the artists:

Asthma Writers Union is a solo side-project from Musclesnog’s guitarist and principal vocalist Mai Mai 卖卖 (Li Yi Yi 李一一). In this project, the principle aim is to explore the experimental, noise-producing capabilities of the electric guitar outside of a traditional band context.

Porn Moon Twins were formed in 2007, a duo dedicated to sonic experimentation outside the boundaries of style and structure. Using electric guitars, computer software, and other gadgets, they “swing like maniacs or stand still like dead trees,” breaking down the barriers between musical and non-musical in their celebration of sound.

Ben Houge 霍杰明 moved to Shanghai from Seattle almost four years ago to design audio for videogames at the French company Ubisoft, where he is currently finishing up production on Tom Clancy’s EndWar. Long fascinated by the connections between digital art, interactivity, popular consciousness, and pure sound, Ben writes computer programs in Max/MSP to manipulate sound in real time and explore non-linear structure.

British sound artist Dominik 多多 has returned to China after a successful first stint two years ago during which he participated in shows with NOIShanghai and the Zendai Museum of Modern Art. He’s currently studying Classical Chinese literature, and in his spare time he makes music using junk that he buys/finds on the streets of Beijing.

Official Website: http://www.soundcurrents.org/reso.html

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