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Resilience: the ability to recover from, or adjust easily to, misfortune or change. — Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Our ability to respond to job pressures, unexpected difficulties and setbacks fl exibly, calmly and thoughtfully is important. Our ability to do so during times of rapid change and extreme pressure is crucial. In this compelling, insightful and practical program, Margie shares proven strategies based on the latest psychological research for developing one’s personal strategy for resilience.

Drawing from the latest neuro-scientifi c research and age-old spiritual wisdom, it will equip attendees with the tools to respond to the demands of an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing environment. Armed with a personal strategy that fosters greater resilience, attendees will differentiate themselves as the resourceful, adaptable and unstoppable people every organization wants on its team when the going gets tough.

Topics covered include:

The role of balance in staying calm under pressure and ways to restore it daily
Strategies to ensure emotions don’t highjack rational thought, optimizing E.Q. with I.Q.
The five resilience skills every effective leader has and how to develop them
Integrating daily practices for managing destructive emotional impulses and maintaining a robust demeanor — physical, mental and emotional
The three steps to redrafting sabotaging stories into ones that strengthen resolve, self-efficacy and promote self-confidence.

Presented by Margie Warrell

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