3601 Lyon St.
San Francisco, California 94123

RE/Search Presents Art Collective MONOCHROM (since 1993) from Vienna, Austria at the Exploratorium

Party/Live Ironic Talk-Show taping/Celebration of RE/Search's Pranks 2 book

() RE/Search Party
() live ironic "talk"-show taping ("Wanna be on Vienna TV?") with surprises, video clips
() live performance by the MONOCHROM ALL-STAR BAND
() Monochrom is featured in RE/Search's newest book, PRANKS 2. They pulled possibly the most complex international art prank in history, inventing a fake Viennese artist to represent Venice at the Sao Paolo Biennale, complete with a 600-page monograph on the artist!
() Also present to assist MONOCHROM: SRL (Survival Research Laboratories) and Burning Mannikin personnel or alumni Eddie Codel, Violet Blue, Jonathan Moore, Kal Spelletich, David Calkins, Simone Davalos, Scott Beale, Karen Marcelo
() RE/Search's PRANKS 2 book will be on sale, plus the newly-released Industrial Culture Handbook Hardback limited edition. Other hard-to-find RE/Search books on sale at discounted prices.

International Art Prankster Collective MONOCHROM will definitely put on a funny, entertaining show and engage the audience as well.

Limited seating (100 chairs) so come early or call RE/Search
415-362-1465 for a reservation. Sliding scale $5-$10. Thanks to Liz Keim of the Exploratorium, Scott Beale (Laughing Squid).

Official Website: http://researchpubs.com

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This will be good. Those Austrians are freaks of top order!


that post was from one of Vale's earlier PR blasts - updated info on exactly what these guys will be doing here: http://www.monochrom.at/taugshow/taugshow10.htm