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San Francisco, California 94110

Re/Search Publications presents The Counter Cultural Hour: a monthly series of screenings where Re/Search founder V. Vale interviews creative movers-and-shakers who have not yet given up on Changing the World. These screenings are produced in collaboration with filmmaker Marian Wallace.

June features a video interview with Lydia Lunch and Genesis P. Orridge.

Tonight's episode was partly filmed at the RE/Search headquarters, sparked by a surprise visit from Lydia Lunch, first-generation Punk Rock Original and NYC No Wave original.
For those unfamiliar with Lydia Lunch, she is truly a Renaissance woman, who from age 16 has produced poetry, fiction, Spoken Word, music collaborations, films, books, a magazine (Sex and Guts, produced in collaboration with Mike Ryan, assistant editor of the RE/Search J.G. Ballard Quotes book), and beautiful, haunting black-and-white photographs. Lydia has lectured, given workshops, and done performances all over the planet. Her wide world views offer entertainment as well as edification.

Lydia will be followed by an "inspired" interview with GENESIS P-ORRIDGE, founder of Throbbing Gristle on a trip through San Francisco (literally). His surprising philosophies always make an interesting conversation. He appears here, having had at least partially accomplished his goal of "forming the third gender."
A short clip from his San Francisco DNA Lounge gig with Psychic TV tops off the interview.

Re/search books will be available for purchase.

For further info on RE/Search, go to www.researchpubs.com

Some history about Re/Search:

In San Francisco, Spring 1977, V. Vale, a worker at City Lights Bookstore, began documenting the rise of the early Punk Rock Cultural Revolution as an amateur anthropologist and historian, heavily influenced by Andy Warhol, the Dadaists, Surrealists and the Situationists. His magazine, SEARCH & DESTROY, was made possible when Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti each gave him $100 to start publishing.

In 1980, SEARCH & DESTROY morphed into book publishing with RE/SEARCH, a pun on Search & Destroy. The goal is to produce primary source, undiluted, uncensored, ideas, conversations, and just plain inspiration to Do-It-Yourself Artist/Scientists who value independence, anti-authoritarianism, and Black Humor above all else.

Vale's best-seller of all time was MODERN PRIMITIVES, which in 1989 sparked the global tattoo-and-body-piercing art-practice.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/millionfishes

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