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Re/Search press presents a video taped conversation with Jerry Casale, Graeme Revell and Johanna Went: all together gathered on a panel to discuss their late 1970s-early 1980s performances.

Notorious for her blood and gut spilling work in Punk Rock clubs in the early 80’s, Johanna Went continues to meet her audiences head-on with de-constructed characters, abstract costumes and a guided tour through a storm of bizarre imagery." (from Track 16 website) Here she discusses her take on her early "fame."

Jerry Casale: One of the originators of the DEVO philosophy of de-evolution, Jerry Casale, AKA Jihad Jerry, continues his acerbic viewpoints on earthlings and their future.

Graeme Revell, whose palette included images captured at his medical and institutional jobs, founded one of the first Industrial bands who modulated noise. He is now doing major motion picture soundtrack scores.

A lively discussion with the Venice, CA audience at Beyond Baroque follows the panel presentation.

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