800 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, California

RE/Search's new PRANKS 2 book is finally here! ...

RE/Search is having its PRANKS 2 Book Party at the venerable San Francisco Art Institute.

UPDATED Press Relase from VALE:


Sat, Nov 11, 2006 - 7 PM sharp ("doors open" 6:30pm). And we mean 7pm SHARP! So some of you can go on to your next party!
PRANKSFEST celebrating RE/Search's new book, PRANKS 2
San Francisco ART INSTITUTE, 800 Chestnut/Jones, S.F. tel 415-362-1465
Admission $5 (but if you buy the new PRANKS 2 book, you get in free!). From 6:30pm on there will be a "party" at the S.F.A.I. Cafe (with accompanying fantastic city views on the adjacent plaza).

PARTY, SHOW AND SPECTACLE: Due to the "illegal" nature of Pranks, key speakers from the Billboard Liberation Front, etc, may be in disguise! Ex-hacker Marc Powell, Babalou and Karen Marcelo (& others?) from SRL, Cacophony Society's Chris Radcliffe, and Prankster-Godfather MAL SHARPE will show their real faces (we think). Rare and inspiring pranks video clips will be narrated live, and questions from the audience will be taken. Cyclecide will bring a demo-cycle. Event is still being planned; other guests/events TBA.

Videos will include Mal Sharpe's new prank DVD release (excerpt), a special Billboard Liberation Front clip, Jihad Jerry and the Evildoers' "Army Girls Gone Wild," Reverend Al's "Art of Bleeding Safety Film," and excerpts from Ron English's "Popaganda," the wild & crazy "Yes Men" Film, the Cyclecide film, and Scott Beale's "You'd Better Watch Out" documenting the Cacophony Society's wild "Santarchy" escapade in Portland. (For the past ten years, groups of folks dressed up as Santa Claus have invaded department stores, hotel parties and other events, causing ideological havoc and consumer confusion--anarchic fun! Over the years, the Santas have spread to major cities over the planet.)

Far more than a video show, the Nov. 11 evening will encompass a Mad Celebration, Reunion, party, Panel, and Q&A's with local Bay Area artists who appear in RE/Search's newest book, PRANKS 2. All interested in RE/Search's 30 year history, pranks, and cultural subversion in general are urged to attend and meet-and-greet featured pranksters both before and after the show. Hard-to-find RE/Search Publications will be available for sale, and can be autographed, as well as other pranks-related videos, CDs and books.

Mal Sharpe will autograph his new "These 2 Men Are Imposters" 2-CD, 1-DVD Box set capturing the genius of Coyle & Sharpe, profiled in RE/Search's first PRANKS book. Mal Sharpe is the guest emcee, along with RE/Search founder V. Vale. Local computer whiz Marc Powell will give a presentation on "hacking" and its future potential for social change.

"In today's current surreal political landscape, a well-executed prank can do much more than yelling theater in a crowded fire! In that spirit, RE/Search and [S.F.A.I.] present the Pranks Festival. This is a rare opportunity to engage with prankster pioneers, while supporting the counterculture RE/Search publishing team." -- Boing Boing [modified quote]

RE/Search's new "PRANKS 2" book is now available from www.researchpubs.com or call 415-362-1465 to order! Review copies are available; email [email protected] (8x10", 196pp, 200 photos, glossy paper, $19.99)

Our thanks to Mark Van Proyen for sponsoring this event.

Official Website: http://researchpubs.com

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