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FUNCKARMA (highpoint lowlife, n5md, skam)
IKONIKA (hyperdub)
FISK INDUSTRIES (highpoint lowlife, mush)

FUNCKARMA make two rare UK appearances to promote the release of their new 12" on Highpoint Lowlife records, the first of a series of dubstep influenced releases by the Funcken brothers. 12" EP should be available at the shows.

Both shows also feature support from Hyperdub's rising star of the wonky midrange, IKONIKA, plus Highpoint Lowlife's own bass-slung superstar FISK INDUSTRIES.

-> Plastic People, London, June 25th 2008
-> The Cube, Bristol, June 27th 2008

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Made up of the two Dutch brothers, Don and Roel Funcken, Funckarmas’ first EP appeared in 1999 on the Djak-Up Bitch (DUB) label. Since then they have unleashed a fury of releases on labels from Neo Ouija, n5MD, U-Cover, to Hymen, not including their work under other guises such as Cane, Quench, and their hip hop project with a trio of US MC’s under the name Shadow Huntaz on Skam records.

Their signature bass-driven precision sound compositions, encompassing influences from hip hop, jazz, reggae, dub, soul and all forms of electronic music, are carefully crafted and constructed into tight rhythmic forces with a keen ear for texture and structure.

With the dubstep virus infecting all forms of electronic music, it was a natural evolution for the Funcken brothers to take strands of the meme and splice it to the dna of their own productions, creating a mutant hybrid of lurching instrumental hip hop with floor shaking bass and super punchy intricate razor sharp rhythms.

With an impressive history from drumming in hardcore and metal bands at age of 11, through to making hip hop tracks under the name of Kill Kip, Ikonika came to making dubstep after hearing Skream's seminal 'Midnight Request Line'.

Dubstep was a way for Ikonika to utilise all the ideas she had had since a young age. In January 2007, she made the decision to change her name to Ikonika, and had her first tracks being played by the likes of Metal Box Products and Bun-Zero on their Sub FM shows.

It was not until October 2007 that Kode 9 first heard ‘Please’. His decision to release the track on his Hyperdub label was a surprise to the dubstep community and also a sign that the scene was maturing and diversifying. With her debut release on the groundbreaking Hyperdub label, the start of her own label (with Optimum) and tracks waiting in the pipeline, 2008 will surely be Ikonika’s year. Expect nothing more than infectious synth lines and off beat structures!

Mat Ranson has been developing his Fisk Industries project for the past few years, and is truly on top of his game at the moment, as the bass gets deeper, the beats get dirtier and he pushes himself into further realms of evil instrumental hip hop.

His recent sets have been nothing short of floor shaking in their cavernous resonance. With three EPs on Highpoint Lowlife, and various web releases, all of which were collected on a double disc album by Mush Records last year, Fisk Industries will be showing off his latest works, set for release in 2008 on a new album.


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Official Website: http://highpointlowlife.com

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