Los Angeles, California

Set in the seedy underbelly of the 80?s punk rock scene, REPO MAN was a major influence on nearly every modern indie director. For this screening, attendees have the option to first scour the city looking for the movie?s cornerstone prop: a ?64 Malibu.

The winner drives it home! Members of the cast and crew will conduct a Q&A following the screening.

from the LA Times:

"Remember those long-ago summer nights at the drive-in movie? There was something fresh and pure about being outdoors watching the big screen. This summer, the nostalgia and weirdness of drive-in viewing return when the cross-country Rolling Roadshow cinematic tour stops in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California....

There's a pre-screening road rally "repo" event before the "Repo Man" showing Aug. 26. "It's a full day," said Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse owner and Rolling Roadshow creator. "We're staging a road rally, where challengers will drive around Los Angeles finding clues that will eventually lead to the screening place ? which will be kept secret" from road rally participants. (The public can order tickets and learn the location online after the rally has begun that day.) The site will be a junkyard location in L.A., League added, because "Repo Man" is set around a junkyard."

Added by ben on June 15, 2005



this has been rescheduled for saturday, august 27.

the screening will be in downtown los angeles, in a parking lot at third st. and santa fe avenue.


should be fun, i'm going, doing the hunt for the malibu too


i can't wait