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Tips for your renegade professional promation

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Renegade Professional training program

·  You will be able to track and view your opt ins for The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto by logging in to your Renegade System account. In order to view your Renegade Professional sales you will need to log into another account which we will give you the url for.

·  Here's the big difference between the way commissions will be paid out on this new program and the way they're paid out on The Renegade Network Marketer.

After studying other programs... talking with other experienced affiliate marketers and owners of affiliate programs... lots of back and forth... and many, many meetings...

We decided to pay out commissions for these new products on a single tier rather than a two tiered structure.

Renegade Professional training program

We believe that this will actually create a much stronger program with a better reputation in the industry, with the end result being higher conversions and a lot more profits for you.

Even though there is incredible income potential with promoting this new line of training products, we want people referring others to Renegade Professional not as a money-making opportunity, but as a true training resource.


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Official Website: http://renegadeprofessionaltrainingprogramthebyannsieg.weebly.com/

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