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The Surrealist artist René Magritte created a limited number of prints due to the fact that he only began printmaking eight years before his death in 1967.
The exhibition "The 'Art' of Living" consists of 24 graphic works, including four impressions hand signed by Magritte, eight impressions with a facsimile of the artist’s signature, and twelve works from the portfolio “Les Enfants Trouvés.” Four of the twelve lithographs were created by Magritte specifically for this project and the rest were after the murals at the Municipal Casino in Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium. These lithographs were published with the approval of the artist’s wife and in collaboration with the printer Fernand Mourlot, who initialed each print.
Magritte’s graphic works, although small in number, are rendered with close attention to detail, a focus on enigmatic compositions, and are consistent with the Surrealist vision that permeates his oeuvre.

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***Opening reception for "The 'Art' of Living"***
Thursday May 10th from 6-8pm
-Free and Open to the Public-