New York, New York

Today we have 2 amazing guests. They do vastly different work. What unites them is that they each work with their intuitive or spiritual gifts in their work.

​Kristin Kopp​ is known as The Dragon Slayer. She is a speaker, trainer and TV host. She has been in the business of redesigning mindset so that her clients get what they truly want. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians, Olympic athletes and entertainers from across the globe have experienced significant upgrades in their results because of the shifts in mindset, perception and action they have achieved through their work with Kristin.
​​Rev. Norman Ramsey​ is a Methodist Minister who has a natural gift for creating spiritual songs that match his lessons and sermons. He also has a new book and several more on the way. He will sh are his gifts and receive insights on how to effectively grow a following using the power of the internet. He wrote a song for Ronda's first book, and you'll hear part of it on the show!

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