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Have you ever heard of the concept of "reframing"? Today is a day when we have several guests joining us during the show. This week's show is inspired by coaching clients. People tend to get into a funk at times, and of course, any little speck of negativity gathers more and forms a huge snowball of YUCK that rolls through your life, if you let it.

When you get into a negative space, you need to shift yourself into a different way of thinking, believing and BEing. Maybe you need a little help. That's fine! That's what a good mentor can help you do. So today, let's turn your world upside down.

Today's show is all about shifting your beliefs and mindset, You'll find these factors affect your business more than you think. We have multiple guests, including ​Dr. Rick Schaefer, creator of the Extreme Thought makeover program​ and ​Dr. Robin Rushlo, blind network marketer​. Explode your beliefs about what you can do during today's show!

​ Dr. Rick has a special gift for you. It is a report about the 9 reasons why the law of attraction doesn't work...and how you can MAKE it work flawlessly for you. ​Get your report now.

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