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Stephanie Frank is the #1 bestselling author of The Accidental Millionaire, and she is an absolute genius at finding your most important treasure - TIME - by teaching you to work from your core strengths. She is also part of the new evolution of Directions University!

In demand human behavior expert, Stephanie Frank, is the fresh new voice of personal success, productivity, effectiveness and peak performance best practices. She is an internationally recognized Master NLP coach/practitioner, hypnotist, speaker and author. An experienced problem solver, she has achieved over 15 high-level network engineering certifications, including Novell’s Master CNE and CNI, Cisco Protocol Analyst, Microsoft’s MCP, MCT and MCSE, and the coveted Level II Protocol Analyst. She is the author of the best-selling book, The Accidental Millionaire, and President of The Success IQ University at, creator of the World’s First Success IQ Test at

A lifelong entrepreneur, Stephanie started her first business in high tech at the age of 19, growing the company to multi-millions. Her second startup, also in high tech, was grossing millions per year before she sold it to her partners in 2000 to turn her sights to solving human performance problems instead of computer performance problems. She soon found that by applying her finely honed computer troubleshooting skills she could people persuade themselves to create behavioral change quickly, with lasting effect, in a few steps and with less effort than ever before.

Join us for "Relationship Marketing 101" when Stephanie shares her strategies for living in alignment with your values and passions, and how to use this information to better manage your time. Your end result will be a greater level of efficiency and productivity, less illness, a greater sense of fulfillment and in short -- TRUE HAPPINESS!

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