628 20th Street
San Francisco, California

Block rocking beats meet golden syrupy treats as Pancake Playhouse
joins with Freeform & Panic for the epic July edition of Rehab.
We've got something to satisfy all your cravings, with fluffy
breakfast delights for your belly and banging tunes for your soul.

On the decks we'll be featuring resident Pancake Playhouse DJs Miss
Kitchin and The Snacker along with Iyad, Floorcraft and Freestate,
dishin up the very best in freaky boom boom, with everything from
breaks to house to progressive, and of course the Pancake special
sauce: rock that's softer than a baby's ass cheek. You know you love it.

At the griddle we present to you the golden brown hotcakes only the
camp you've grown co-dependent on can deliver - you'll be on the road
to recovery from your case of playa-withdrawl.

How do I get me some of this finger-lickin redemption, you say? Rock
yourself down to Retox this Saturday (July 7th), and treat yourself
to the buffet. As always, it's yours for the low price of FREE, so
grab yours while it's hot!

Pancake Playhouse, Panic & Freeform present
Saturday July 7th
8pm - 2am
FREE - No cover (pancakes included)

Miss Kitchin (pancake)
The Snacker (dj cor, pancake)
Floorcraft (freeform, panic)
Freestate (panic)
Iyad (freeform)

628 20th st @ 3rd st in SF

Official Website: http://www.retoxsf.com/

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