442 Court St
Brooklyn, New York 11231

We?re going to attempt a Refresh NYC introductory get-together, and by we I mean me and a few of the people I work with at ID Society.

When: Wednesday, April 26th, 2006 at 7p.m.

Where: Abilene 442 Court St Brooklyn, NY 11231


  1. What do we want Refresh NYC to be?

  2. Beer!

  3. How do we get more people interested?

  4. Beer!

  5. What are the next steps?

Yes, Abilene is in Brooklyn. Yes, it?s short notice. Don?t worry, we?ll do it again next week. And the week after. Or whenever and wherever is good for you. The point is: We want to get something started and we?re tired of waiting. But we need your ideas and participation if it?s going to be more than a few guys drinking beer in Brooklyn and complaining about Ajax.

More about the bar. (Think: sunny, huge open windows, cheap beer)

Respond in the comments if you?re interested.

Remember: Beer!

Official Website: http://www.refreshnyc.org

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