8-10 High St
Maidenhead, England SL6 1QJ

Informal drinks for anyone who can make it. A chance to put some faces to names and geek out as much as is acceptable in polite company.

In an attempt to ease us into being more creative than drinking beer, we'll have an opportunity for anyone to chat for couple of minutes about anything they've been working on lately. That might be a recently completed project at work, or just a personal project you've been tackling at home. Could be creative, technical or not particularly either - if you find it interesting, chances are other people will too. Consider it a show-and-tell if you like. Bring your birds nests and dinosaur books.

Completely optional of course, but could be enjoyable.

Also, if you'd like to think of any subjects that might be interesting to cover in future, we'll attempt to get some kind of schedule going for more regular meetups once the summer holidays are out of the way.

The Bear does reasonable pub food if you're coming straight from work.

Official Website: http://www.refreshthamesvalley.org.uk/

Added by drewm on July 11, 2008