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Design is never as pretty and simple as the end work. It would be great if we nailed it on the first time but that is hardly the case. Often, are rounds and rounds of changes and revisions, each peeling back a different layer. Mistakes are made and decisions reevaluated all to get to to that one design.

Kevin Tamura will walk through the redesign of the forthcoming new Seattle Refresh website, from the initial comps to the finished design.

Kevin Tamura: Bio
Kevin published his first website in 1996. It was crude and done with Adobe PageMill. He quickly learned the limitations of WYSIWYG editors and began coding by hand, as well as learning HTML properly. His second site gained praise from the web community and was featured in the book Cutting Edge Web Design, the Next Generation. He hasn’t looked back since then.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Communication Design from California State University, Chico, Kevin headed up to Seattle and began working for PhotoDisc/Getty Images. Feeling the need to devote more time to designing for the internet and less on print, Kevin left to join the dot com boom on the eve of the bust. Oh well.

Since then he has provided creative solutions for a variety of clients, large and small, and continued to earn praise from his peers. He has had the opportunity to work on some great projects including work for Nordstrom.com MSN Money, Cranium and eRequester, and has met some great people along the way.

Official Website: http://www.refreshseattle.org