731 N. 35th St.
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About the Talk:

Over time, every web professional develops their own set of opinions, methods and styles. Find out how designing a web service from the ground up challenged everything in my creative comfort zone.

We'll discuss web standards, semantics, frameworks, even job titles. How each of those can be either empowering or stifling. I'll share my lessons learned and reveal how they changed the way that I think and work as a designer.

In the process, I hope to inspire you to take risks and question conventional wisdom.

About the speaker:

Matthew Anderson is the Senior Web Designer for Onehub, a new web service on Rails that lets companies build secure, custom extranets in a matter of minutes. Matt is a standards focused web designer who is passionate about how design decisions translate to users. He is also a sucker for extremely polished, dead simple layouts that require few clicks.

Matt has designed in a variety of environments. Prior to Onehub, he worked for another Seattle startup named Likewise Software. Before that he worked as a freelancer, both directly with clients and through agencies. He has also spent time in the corporate world, climbing the ladders at GMAC-RFC and TCF National Bank. His experience has given him a unique outlook on the relationship between design and business, taught him the importance of details, and proven the value of always working with great people.

A Canadian citizen, Matt was born in Toronto and spent some time in southern California as well as the the Twin Cities prior to landing in the Pacific Northwest. When not designing, Matt spends time with his other loves including his fiancee, his piano and his Xbox 360.

After the Talk

Don't forget that we all head over to the Red Door for food and
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