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The practice of user experience, though increasingly gaining momentum amongst both developers and creatives, can be hard to justify investing money in at higher levels. The fact that it is also sometimes thought of as second-class citizen meant that the subtleties and psychology of interaction are largely left to people who need to figure it out because, well, nobody else is trained to.

At the same time, consultants and agencies have made billion-dollar industries out of practices with little or no actual scientific data supporting their claims, such as feng shui, spiritual and paranormal readings, and alternative medicines.

This August, join Clifton Barnhart as he compares the practice of user experience with various forms of pseudoscience, discusses similarities as well as important differences between the two, and ultimately tackles the question:

How can we convince the rest of the world that user experience design is worth the extra effort, time and money?

Refresh Portland is held every 4th Thursday of the month, and is a part of the Refreshing Cities movement.

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Added by Bram Pitoyo on August 17, 2009


Bram Pitoyo

So you know, our presenter, Clifton, will not be using PowerPoint like 100% of us. He instead uses Flash to generate his presentation. The result is something great that you’ll probably never see anywhere else.