300 Park Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Moving Pictures: An Introduction to getting video onto your website presented by Chad Henderson

Chad Henderson is a web designer, developer, podcaster and general purpose web geek from Oklahoma City, OK. After teaching himself HTML by using Lynx in gorgeous amber and black text, he started his first company, Dreamchasers Web Services, in 1994. One of the first website development companies to appear in Oklahoma, he soon began serving customers across the state, and eventually across the country. His clients have included Toby Keith, Hal Smith Restaurants, Jim Ross, The City of Moore and many others. These days you can catch Chad following his latest passion, producing podcasts and videocasts for a worldwide audience. Some of his podcasts include The Elmocast and The Geek Wedding Podcast. Learn more about him at his website, www.elmofromok.com.

Official Website: http://refreshokc.org

Added by jeffdavis on October 13, 2008



this guy sounds like a dweeb


yeah he does, I hope he teaches us everything we need to know about windows movie maker...


ok - so what - im for anyone who is wanting Oklahoma to leave the stone age.


@dr34mc0d3r: elmofromok (aka Chad Henderson) is the speaker for the event. He and Dustin are playing around.

Looking forward to the meeting and catching up with everyone.

Sushi post meeting!


This will be my first meeting so be kind.



im excited to meet tonight - and hoping to make some new friends.