723 N. Hudson Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Refresh Reboot

Come out to Refresh OKC for a night of lively conversation! Our November meeting will be used to discuss the future of Refresh OKC and get feedback from the community. Do you have ideas for Refresh OKC? Do want to be on the Board of Directors? This is a great chance to get involved.

We are looking for feedback on speakers, topics, board of directors and the overall direction of the group. For over 3 years, Refresh OKC has played a critical role in educating and connecting some of Oklahoma's best designers. We are now taking it to the next level. Come out tomorrow night to help us shape the future of Refresh OKC.

Added by jeffdavis on November 23, 2009



I heard there was going to be free beer...? :)


yah, good beer too not light beer!


i heard there was going to be free ponies

Edit: and free beer


Second the good beer.