300 Park Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Refresh is a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical, and professional culture of Internet professionals in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area.

We'll be on the 4th floor in Classroom F, the Seminole Nation room.

This Month's Topic

Riding the Rails presented by James Edward Gray II.

James is a contract web-application programmer in Edmond. He spends his days building sites for Highgroove Studios using the Ruby on Rails framework. To unwind in the evenings he writes books for the Pragmatic Programmers and runs the OK Ruby Users Group. His wife definitely worries about his definition of "fun."

Note: The Library has free wireless internet


Food and drinks will be provided at 6:30 PM. The presentation will start promptly at 7:00 PM.

Official Website: http://www.refreshokc.org

Added by BillyGoat on April 20, 2007



I changed myself back to "watching" because there's a chance I won't be able to make it. A show on HGTV is coming to our house to shoot a segment with Angela that week. Depending on how things are going, I may or may not be able to come to the meeting that night.

Michael Dick

Ruby on Rails is going to be great topic...and the speaker is very knowledgeable, should be a good refresh!

Hope to see you there billygoat.


I'm excited about this one. Around this time last year, I started tapping into RoR and I think hearing someone speak on it will fuel my fire to get started again.


Im looking forward to this, I know NOTHING about RoR...so be gentle James. :-)


How beneficial will this be fore someone who only knows a little code?