723 N. Hudson Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

A 2-Part Workshop: The Business Behind Design & Design Decisions

This month, we will be taking a break from our normal format and will be hosting a workshop where Refresh OKC attendees will interact, share and learn a few new tricks of the trade.

Part 1: The Business Behind Design

Successful designers not only have the creative skill set to produce quality work, they have the ability to manage time wisely, communicate with clients, network with others and promote themselves or their business. We’ll spend part 1 talking about what tools, techniques and methodology make up the daily routine of the professional designer.

Part 2: Design Decisions

Multiple key decisions are made before a new website is ever launched. Design decisions can lead to success or failure and many times the small things make the biggest impact at launch. Through a series of questions and discussion, we’ll share ideas and experiences that will help us all tackle the next big design decision.

Bring your laptop and something to write with because this month’s meeting will be packed with problem-solving and group interaction.

Official Website: http://refreshokc.org

Added by jeffdavis on June 15, 2009