2670 Sage Road
Houston, Texas 77056

Speaker: Ed Schipul

Accessible web design and emergency response. WAIT! We don't just mean
accessible in that Bobby can read it. We mean does it work in times of
crisis for people of all abilities?

In an emergency we use texting/sms? Why? Because we already know how to
text message. We leverage what we already know. Which is why being
proactive and adding emergency protocols to non-emergency applications
is so important. Help before the problem happens.

Specifically CAPS (Common Alerting Protocol) and PFIF (People Finder
Information Format) are protocols to add on to existing sites for
emergency response. If all of us program to these standards, like we do
RSS, it will enable our users to use them smoothly BEFORE a crisis hits.

Join us as Ed Schipul discusses,CAPS and PFIF and how they are like RSS.

Print outs of the protocols will be on hand as well as lots of honest and upfront conversations about how we all can help. No secret
sauce, just common sense for the good of society.

Official Website: http://www.refreshhouston.org

Added by The Moleskin on June 11, 2006