2670 Sage Road
Houston, Texas 77056

Topic: Design Workflow
Speakers: Andy Nguyen & Colin Grigson

Have you ever looked at a design and said "I wonder how they did that"? From Basecamp to Yahoo smart companies follow a workflow that allows them to streamline and control the design proces. We've all heard the saying "form follows function", but how do you apply to to the design process to yield visually appealing and effective web sites. Join Colin Grigson and Andy Nguyen as they discuss the web design process. Come ready to ask questions and participate in the converstation!

Official Website: http://www.refreshhouston.org

Added by The Moleskin on July 6, 2006



I know I haven't been attending, but I don't want to miss this!!! This is what I'm passionate about!

(That's web design, NOT the Buddha Lounge...although I can't find fault in a good stiff drink now and again.)


Is there a cover charge / event fee / whatever?


So frustrating - I won't be able to make this one either thanks to my day job...bah!

The Moleskin

No charge for it.


Damnit! Stupid auto repair shop! Long story...can't make it. My apologies. Grrr.