77 Montgomery Street
Edinburgh, Scotland EH7 5HZ

Refresh is a community of designers and developers looking to 'refresh' all aspects of new media endeavours in and around Edinburgh.

Free, all ages early and pub age after.

Official Website: http://refreshedinburgh.org

Added by sneeu on February 19, 2007



There is a Google Groups for anyone who wants to comment on some of the plans for the day. Places to see, things to do... and most importantly, where to meet-up afterwards!



Rough Schedule for the event:

13:00–13:20: Introduction to Refresh
John Sutherland will introduce the day's schedule.

13:20–14:00: Google Sightseeing
James Turnbull and Alex Turnbull will talk about their blog, Google Sightseeing, and how they turned it into a book.

14:00–14:40: Project management basics for busy geeks Meri Williams, information and decision solutions manager at Procter & Gamble, will tell us that project management is not the enemy. Meri
will cover the basic project lifecycle, the "big secret" of project management, and tools to help you better manage your projects.

15:00–15:15: Flock
Tony Farndon, author of several popular extensions for Flock, discusses the social-networking browser, its potential, and how to extend it.

15:15–15:30: Edinburgh Menus
Andrew Cavers shows off his latest creation, Edinburgh Menus, a Google Maps mash-up with menus and listings for all Edinburgh restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, and takeaways.

15:30–15:45: Microformats
Brian Suda of the Microformats Project and author of the O'Reilly-published "Using Microformats", will introduce us to, you guessed it, microformats.

15:45–16:00: The business argument for web standards John Sutherland, web programmer with Mercurytide, will make the business argument for web standards.

16:00–16:40: Revish
Dan Champion of Blether and Champion IS Ltd will introduce us to his latest project, Revish, a book review site.

17:00–17:40: Groopit
Tom Griffiths unveils Groopit, a new social tool that helps existing groups of friends do more together.

17:40–18:00: Closing remarks
Matt Riggott makes the closing remarks before we head of the pub for the real conference.

If you want to add all this into your calendar, you're in luck: we've created a public Google Calendar that you can subscribe to.

To add it to your own Google Calendar:
or http://tinyurl.com/36wc6t.

To subscribe to the Refresh iCal feed:
or http://tinyurl.com/3yzlzr.

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Location details:

77 Montgomery Street,

It's hidden through an archway, so I'll put some signs up on the day.