2000 Duke Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Web Building: All it takes is passion

Everyone has ideas, but do you have the follow thru to take an idea and make it into a successful website? Alex Giron from nclud discusses ways in which you can take a website idea and bring it into fruition, from concept, to design, to code and anything in between.

Can't make it to the meeting? Meet us over at the Hilton across from the Metro for drinks!

Official Website: http://refresh-dc.org

Added by jgarber on October 8, 2007



Awww...I could really use this discussion but I'll be down in NC for a company retreat that day. Maybe some notes will be available afterwards.


Who thinks we can pack 100 people into the Motley Fool?


Last time I had a horrible experience looking for parking. Where do people recommend that I park? Is there some magical lot I didn't find?


I can't make this one, but I'm interested in this presentation. Perhaps other Grassroots folk can attend.


I predict 120 people at this month's. :-p


S. Patrick St is usually good for parking. I found a spot on Duke St. about 6 blocks away last time but that's probably rare.


I have not been to one in a while, i will be looking forward to coming back


I really hope to make this one... it may take some pixie dust and magic sprinkles to get me there in time though


I've been in line on the street out front for a week. You should see the circus out here - it makes the iPhone campers look like Cub Scouts in comparison!


Sounds like a great Refresh. I'm looking forward to it...


I was in Italy for the July meeting, and NYC for the September meeting... but I am all over it this month! -Jamie


Now i am not sure if i can make it. I had promised a friend i would go to her last college volleyball game at home and it happens to be the same day as this meet up. I really want to be there. I'll just have to see what happens


I would really like to make this one and meet all of the the Refresh folks. Mom & Dad decided to make a surprise visit though. Hopefully the next meeting though....


I'm finally able to make a Refresh DC event. Looking forward to it!