2000 Duke Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Justin Thorp, web application developer currently contracting with the Library of Congress, will be giving a presentation on accessibility titled "Understanding The Real World Wide Web and Why Web Accessibility Is Crucial." Justin will be covering different ways in which people use the Web, what you can do to increase the accessibility of your site, and how WCAG fits into it all.

The Motley Fool's offices are located on Duke Street just across from the King Street Metro station on the Yellow/Blue lines (take the tunnel!).

Official Website: http://refresh-dc.org/

Added by jgarber on January 10, 2007



Can't wait! I've been waiting for an accessibility presentation.


I'm working on bringing a surprise to the event. It's a BIG surprise.


Is the surprise a person, place or thing?


Just a rumor, but I heard Accessibility expert Paris Hilton will be making an appearance.


Justin -- I can't be there (well obviously) -- so let me in on that surprise later via e-mail okay ;) See you in March at SXSW!