2000 Duke Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Cindy Li, Jeremy Carbaugh, Jackson Wilkinson, and Jason Garber will be leading a Refresh '06 conference wrap-up. Check out the Refresh '06 website for information on the panels so you'll have an idea of what we'll be discussing.

As always, food and drink will be had afterwards. See you there!

The Motley Fool's offices are located on Duke Street just across from the King Street Metro station on the Yellow/Blue lines.

Official Website: http://refresh-dc.org/

Added by jgarber on November 14, 2006



I guess I should go since my name is first? Jason...?


The most talented/famous always go first :)


Can't wait -- I'm sure this will be another good one!


I discovered Refresh DC in a roundabout way, through Paul Boag’s podcast. It’s really exciting that you will be discussing the Refresh '06 conference! I could not attend the conference. And I actually can’t attend this meet-up either unfortunately, because of a prior engagement. Are your meetings usually on Thursday evenings?


Carbaugh: Very cute...funny... :P

Mhawes: Usually.. yes. While Motley Fool allows us the space.


@mhawes: We've been doing Thursday evenings, it seems to work for the majority. We can always re-evaluate though, it's pretty flexible.

@cindy: Yes, please show up. :-P


Thanks for the replies! I'll be joining you at the next one.