1401 Shop Rd
Columbia, South Carolina 29201

It’s official, this month’s Refresh meetup on July 31st will feature not one, but two great presentations. In an effort to cover a broader range of local web professionals we’re having a designer/developer doubleheader.

Jason Beaird, author of The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, will kick things off with a 30 minute presentation titled Design for Developers. In his talk, Jason will be giving an essential overview of design principles as they relate to web design. If you struggle with creating pleasing layouts, choosing harmonious colors, working in texture, selecting appropriate typography or finding relevant imagery for your websites, this talk is for you.

Next up, Django advocate Justin Lilly will persuade the designers (& developers) in the audience why they need to check out Django with his talk: Django for Designers. According to the project website, Django is “a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design”. To the average designer, those words sound fairly intimidating. Justin will sidestep the techno-babble and explain how even the least technically inclined among us can use this framework to easily create database-driven websites.

After the presentations are over - at about 7:30pm - we’ll be heading over to the rooftop deck at The Carolina Ale House in the Vista for a social hour. Come on out to learn a thing or two and meet your fellow webnerds.

When: July 31st, 2008 at 6pm
Where: The State Newspaper - 1401 Shop Rd, Columbia, SC 29201
Topic: Design for Developers & Django for Designers
RSVP: Right Here...

Official Website: http://www.refreshcolumbia.org/meetings/july-2008-meetup-update/

Added by jasongraphix on June 27, 2008



Looking forward to meeting you all. I'll gladly make the trek from Augusta to be there.


Awesome. It'll be good to see you again, Chris!


I'll bring the name tags! ...oh wait


Likewise, Jason. Some of my coworkers may come as well. Will let you know as we get closer.