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Personal health records (PHRs) help a patient, their relatives, and their clinicians, better manage the patient's illnesses. Paper PHRs are common in some countries, like Italy, where the patient is responsible for keeping and carrying the medical records from one clinician to another. But England's mass digital medical infrastructure offers many interesting and powerful possibilities with electronic PHRs. This session will showcase tools available today and discuss future possibilities for patients, relatives and clinicians.

Mohammad Al-Ubaydli (www.mo.md) trained as a doctor at the University of Cambridge and a programmer at Anglia Ruskin University. He spent six years as a researcher in the USA and wrote six books about the use of IT in health care. His most recent, Streamlining Hospital-Patient Communication: Developing High Impact Patient Portals, discussed the use of PHRs by hospitals in the USA. He is the founder and CEO of Patients Know Best (www.patientsknowbest.com), a Cambridge-based PHR company.

Official Website: http://www.refreshcambridge.org/

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